Terms of Use

Terms of Use
Please read before downloading any Creative Crafting Designs (CCD) free downloads.

All designs downloaded from creativecraftingdesigns.blogspot.com are copy-written and remain the property of Jessica Pickeral, owner and designer of Creative Crafting Designs.

Anything downloaded from creativecraftingdesigns.blogspot.com is for personal and commercial use under the terms listed below.

What you may do (this applies to all CCD files, photos, designs and templates:

     1. Created handcrafted designs for personal use.
     2. Sell only if it is used in a completed handcrafted design.
     3. Share the URL to the blog post containing the download.
     4. Create digitized embroidery designs for your personal use only.

* If you create projects with CCD designs incorporated in them and share them on your blog it would be greatly appreciated if you stated that the file/photo/design/template used is ours and link it back to creativecraftingdesigns.blogspot.com. Note, this is not a requirement.

What you may NOT do (this applies to all CCD files, photos, designs and templates:

     1. Sell, Share or distribute the download in any way (all files, photos, designs, and templates are NOT transferable).
     2. Alter, change or manipulate in any way and claim as your own.
     3. Take bits and pieces to create your own files for selling, sharing or distributing.
     4. Create stamps of any kind; clear, rubber, digital, etc.
     5. Store or save files in an online album or download site with private or public access of any kind.
     6. Create digitized embroidery designs for sale, sharing or distributing.
     7. Use in an offensive manner. For example, creating projects that are pornographic, racial, or harmful.
     8. Share with any crafting classes, groups or clubs. Each individual person must download their own file from creativecraftingdesigns.blogspot.com
     9. Sell creation in mass production.
     10. Save files in different formats and distribute, sell or share.
     11. Sell, share or distribute scans or photographs of finished artwork by itself or as a clipart collection.
     12. Sell, share or distribute unassembled pieces or pieced together cuts in anyway (kits included).

Creative Crafting Designs reserves the right to amend these terms at our discretion and without prior notice. Please check back periodically for updates and changes. (July, 15 2015)

©Creative Crafting Designs, 2015 

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