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Hello there! Thank you for stopping by my little internet craft world. Creative Crafting Designs is me, Jessica Pickeral and I love creating all things crafty. I had taken about a 7 year break from crafting to raise my little girl Christina, who is 8 years old now and loves crafting as much as I do. Now, that Christina is getting older and getting more into doing her own thing I finally have the time do my crafts which I love so much. Also, this past Christmas (2014) my wonderful hubby Sean got me the Cricut Explore and said "I better use it, and actually craft", so I jumped right in.

The end of February (2015) I had this brilliant idea to start a blog to share my creations with all the world. It was quite a learning process to learn everything about blogging but boy am I enjoying it.

I've gotten so much back into my crafting that I've began designing my own SVG digital files to create my crafty creations actually how I want them. I've decided to share my SVG files with all my followers here on my blog creativecraftingdesigns.blogspot.com. I'm going to be continuing my education in Graphic Design so I can learn to design better and faster. As I further my education in design I will continue to share all my SVG's here on my blog free of charge.

Now, that you know a little bit about me make sure to take a stroll through creativecraftingdesigns.blogspot.com, share some love by leaving a comment letting me know what you think. Please note that I don't comment everyone back, only to answer questions. What I do is if you have a blog, I follow your comment to your blog, check it out, follow and share the love by leaving you a comment.

My beautiful princess Christina

My wonderful handsome husband, Sean and I


This is not a for-profit blog! My blog is just a hobby. I do not take payment for advertising or have sponsors.  Any links or reviews that I provide are solely for the love of the product and I will never recommend something that I personally do not use. I do my best to include links to what ever product I use to make it easier for you to create projects like mine. ** Please note that my links are NOT affiliate links and I do NOT make money by you clicking on them. I share the links just to make it easier for my followers to find something I used, just in case they really like it.

All content on my blog is free, but I've decided to add a Tip Jar link (PayPal) to the sidebar and to all my freebie post to help raise funds to continue my education in design. Any donations received will be greatly appreciated. 

All Creative Rights Reserved. All content (including text, photographs and designs) are © Jessica Pickeral @ Creative Crafting Designs, and may not be taken from this site without my written consent. My artwork is shared for personal inspiration/non commercial use only, and may not be copied for publication or contest entry.

If you scraplift any of my artwork in part or whole and blog about your creation, it would be greatly appreciate if you don't claim the design solely as your own. It would be very kind and appreciated if you state that your creations "is not your original idea" and that you got the idea from Jessica Pickeral at Creative Crafting Designs, and include a link back to the blog post that you scraplifted from. This is not a requirement but seeing as we are all artists and crafters we should all be honest and fair and give credit where credit is due.

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